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Masjid Suffa


Masjid Suffa

Jame Masjid Suffa is a new masjid in construction at the Jamia Sufiya Campus in Kichhaucha Sharif, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was initiated on 14th April 2016 by Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf, the founder and chief of Spiritual Foundation


The total area of the masjid will cover 108,000 square feet, with the total capacity an impressive 17,808. The building and its surroundings will consist of:


Currently, the masjid is in its initial stages of development and we humbly appeal to friends, support and the public to sponsor and contribute generously towards the grand project of Jame Masjid Suffa.

To facilitate the construction of the masjid, a historical and spiritual system has been put into place from which everyone can benefit and earn Sawab-e-Jaariya (continuous reward) for themselves or those who have passed away.

The System

The total capacity of the mosque will be an enormous 17808 Musallas. This value equates to the total Abjad (Arabic numeral system) value of the 4 Quls.

Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf initiated the project by himself sponsoring 28 Musallas for the Sawab-e-Jaariya (continuous reward) of the following eminent personalities:

  • 5: Panjatan Pak (The people of the house) The Holy Prophet Muhammad ?, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain (may Allah be pleased with them all).
  • 10: Ashara Mubashara (Companions promised paradise) – The Holy Prophet Muhammad ?, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Uthman, Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat Talha, Hazrat Zubair bin al-Awwam, Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas, Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid, Hazrat Abdul Rahman ibn Awf, Saad bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with them all).
  • 5: Ghaus-e-Azam, Khwaja-e-Azam, Khwaja-e-Naqshband, Makhdoom Ashraf, Sarkar Abdul Razzaq Noor-ul-Ain (may Allah be pleased with them all).
  • 8: Muhaddis-e-Azam-e-Hind (His grandfather), Majzoom-e-Ilaahi Syed Muhamid Ashraf (His father), Sayiidi Sarkar-e-Kalan (His Murshid Kareem), Hazrat Syed Ashraf Miyan (His maternal grandfather), his mother (Marhooma), Syed Niyaz Ahmad Marhoom (His father-in-law) (may Allahs mercy be upon them all) as well as his wife and himself.

For the completion of the project, an amount of 150,000 rupees has been fixed for 1 Musalla. This equates to 150, 200, $220 or 3200 ZAR.

We sincerely urge all brothers and sisters to practically and financially assist us with this vast undertaking to benefit ourselves and others and to earn continuous reward in both worlds.